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Best Air Purifier 2022: Eliminates Airborne Particles, Smoke and Odour

 Air pollution is a big issue these days. According to WHO(world health organization), air pollution is one of the main health concerns in the 21st century. Fortunately for you, technology has come up with a solution and the name of the solution is “air purifier”. Just by hearing the name, you can pretty much guess that it’s a type of device that can purify the air by removing dust particles and allergens. 

But what is the best air purifier in the UK? Among so many air purifiers, ranging from downright useless to ultra-effective, how can you pick the best one? Well, this is where we come in. We have made a list of the best air purifiers in the UK. Plus, we also came up with a buying guide. Just check out some of our suggested products, read our reviews and you’ll have a solid understanding of the market.

Levoit Air Purifier for Home

Levoit H132 is one of the top selling air purifiers. Stunning design and affordable cost made this air purifier Uk  people’s first choice. We would recommend you buy it  without any hesitation. 

This unit comes with a 3-stage filtration system including pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. With the combination of 3 filters, Levoit H132 can capture almost 99.97% harmful particles. Depending on air quality in the room, you can set fan speed low to high.

Worry about filter replacement? There is a built-in indicator which reminds you when you need to replace the filter. But levoit recommends changing the filter every 6-8 months.  

Like other air purifiers, Levoit  H132 may generate 25 db noise in operation mode which is  very low and can’t disturb you when sleeping. Night light and display features off-on options help you to create a comfortable sleeping environment. 

The effective coverage area of this levoit air cleaning machine is 129 ft2. Less weight with an easy touch panel helps you to control it smoothly. 

Philips Series 3000i Connected Air Purifier

If anyone suffers from Allergies, respiratory problems or high fever in your family then you need to buy a Philips Air Purifier Anti-Allergen with True HEPA Filter which might be a real blessing. Do you like to make your place more comfortable by eliminating harmful pollutants around you on the air? This is the best product for your healthier room, easier breath and clean air. Philips Anti-Allergen purifier is suitable for use at day or night to help you and your family. It has a smart sensor which can measure your room’s air quality and it will automatically fix the required setting.

It works outstandingly quickly to purify the air. It will capture 99.9% bacteria within first one hour and eliminate 99.97% airborne elements such as pollen, dust or pets hair. It will never disturb you sleeping at night because it operates quite dim light.

Aerodynamic design with vita shield IPS of Philips Air Purifier makes it more attractive. It has an extra nano protect S3 filter which increases the clean air delivery. Clean air delivery rate (CADR) of this product is 367 cubic meters per hour which can cover up to 95 square meter room.

This product is designed mainly to remove airborne allergens. So you will find an allergen mode of this product which is very effective for eliminating common airborne allergens. The price of this product is only £385.44 with two years’ product warranty. So it would be a good idea to buy this product without any hesitancy.

Pro Breeze Ultra-Powerful Air Purifier

With the alarming increase of pollution in the environment, there have been new technologies to counter it. Pro Breeze uses a unique technology for capturing the pollutants in the air. It removes 99.97% allergens and particles from the air, which are as small as 0.3 microns. This device also makes less power consumption compared to other similar devices in the market. All in all, you will love this awesome device. Ultimately, You will be largely benefited by using its unique features.

When it comes to producing home appliances, Pro Breeze has always been one of the leading manufacturers. So we had to recommend an air purifier from Pro Breeze. Perfect for rooms up to 500 sq feet(45m2), it’s surely one of the best air purifiers in the UK.

It’s the second product of our list that offers a 5-stage filtration system. After the fine preliminary filter, it goes through the HEPA filter and activated carbon Filter. In the fourth stage, it goes through the Cold Catalyst Filter. It is capable of removing formaldehyde which means you are getting rid of all the impurities. The fifth stage includes a negative ion generator. The negative ion generator neutralizes airborne pollutants and thus the process of cleaning the air is done and dusted for a cleaner environment.

This purifier from Pro Breeze is  Quiet Mark certified. Basically, it awards low noise appliances that can also provide great service. So you are not going to have any sort of noise issue with this product. Plus we believe that its control panel/touch panel is probably the most easy-to-use touch panel in the market. With the panel, you can easily access these functions- Air speed, Timer and Sleep mode. So you are pretty much getting all the necessary features.

Its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 218m³/hr is absolutely stunning. That’s the reason why it’s powerful, efficient and can be used in large rooms.  CADR (also known as Clean Air Delivery Rate)   is a rating created by AHAM. AHAM stands for Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Basically, the CADR allows you to know about the effectiveness of an air purifier. If the CADR number is higher, then the quality is better.

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

Vax ACAMV101 Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers for medium size rooms. This purifier will remove smoke, dust and harmful particles from your rooms. As we all know harmful particles are the cause of many diseases like asthma, allergies, high fever, and respiratory problems. This great air purifier has HEPA media filter which will eliminate all kind air polluted particles from the rooms. This purifier is got approval from the British allergy foundation as well as awarded by them. For this manufacturer of the product using an approval seal which you will see on the package of the product.

Vax ACAMV101 Air Purifier is suitable for medium size rooms up to 87 square meters. This product is made up of plastic materials so its light weighted. The weight is only 4.7 KG and Dimensions is (43.18 x 18.79 x 41.15) (HxWxD in cm). So it’s very easy to carry and install. It has variable air purification level and speed settings which you can set as per your requirements. It also has a timer option that will automatically switch off after set time which will reduce your metal pressure from switch off this product as well as also reduce power consumption. Considering every corner it is the best product for every room in your house.

The price of this product is only £219.99 which is bearable for everyone. It has two years UK Vax guarantee, in that period you can completely change this product without any hesitation if found any problem. It has a touchable switch which gives you an easy operating system.

Vax ACAMV101 purifier is very essential for each room it does not matter where you live, in an urban population or in rural population. It is the best product for everyone to remove harmful particles from the living room

Vax ACAMV101 purifier is very essential for each room it does not matter where you live, in an urban population or in rural population. It is the best product for everyone to remove harmful particles from the living room.

PureMate 5 IN 1 True Hepa Air Purifier

Like other leading brand in air purifier industry, Puremate brings to you wide range of air purifiers. Puremate PM 510 one of them. It is built with multiple technologies including genuine HEPA filter that able to removes 99.97% of allergens dusts, tobacco smoke, mould, spores and pet dander. We come to know from reliable and authenticate sources that this product performance is great.

PM 510, which have 5–stage air purification system, eliminates all type of toxic air from home.

The most advanced feature of this product is Germicidal UV lamp which kills virus and bacteria, and with Titanium dioxide (TIO2) which remove tobacco or cooking smoke. Activated carbon is used to catch larger particles such as dust, human and pet hair.

This high-end air purifier is designed for small or medium size rooms – which cover up to 400 ft2 area. It is 22 inch tall, and CADR is over 110. PM 510 has 1-5 fan speed setting options – low setting means extremely quiet.

This air purifier will cost for £119.99 with 2 years manufacturing warranty. Company provides excellent customer support to their respective users.

HoMedics HEPA Air Purifier

HoMedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier is a great appliance for home use. This is the best air purification system product for large rooms. It can help you to take a fresh breath in the room which keeps you away from home allergen like dust, smoke and pet dander using disposable carbon HEPA filter. It has an Ultra Violate -C light which cleans your room from dangerous bacteria and fungus. It also eliminates an inconceivable 99.97 percent of airborne particles and makes sure fresh indoor air quality for your house environment.

HoMedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier, the name of this product came from HEPA filter where HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air”. This is the advanced technology of the air filtration system. It keeps your room free from harmful particles and circulates clean, pure and fresh air. If your room suffering from poor ventilation it might be a chance to grow up bacteria and fungus which will destroy your body immune system. And you will never understand until allergy symptoms show like runny noses, Itchy eyes or rashes. In long run, we may suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues to experience dumpiness of breath. In this situation, you need to set up an air purifier.

Which air purifier is the best? For household, to take this decision you need to consider the size of the room and the purifier as well as the price of the product. HoMedics HEPA Tower Air Purifier is suitable for large rooms up to 85m²/hr (consider 2.5m room height). The price of this product is £99.99 with two years warranty. There is an on/off switch to operate this and there is no noise disturbances issue on it.

This is the best product ever to keep clean air in the home. It is very simple to use and easy to operate.

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home 48m²

Our fourth product is from Levoit and it’s as good as any other purifiers we have on our list. With an excellent filtration system and outstanding efficiency, it offers all the things you need. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best air purifiers in the UK.

The filtration system is pretty good. Its 3-stage filtration system does the job smoothly. In the first stage(known as pre-filter), it captures large particles like pet fur or hair. In the second stage, Its “True HEPA Filter” captures ultrafine particles(for example, dust mite). At this point, the air around you will be quite clean. Then, the carbon filter will remove the household odors and the air of your room will be cleaned completely.

When the red filter icon lights up, it means you’ll need to change the filter. That’s the mark of a good air purifier. This sort of feature just makes your job easier because you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Furthermore, The purifier is 40% more energy efficient than a typical air purifier. It’s certified by Energy Star. Saving energy means saving money, and we all love money-saving appliances.

With 3 fan speeds settings, you’ll have access to low, medium or high fan speeds which make it more versatile than average purifiers. Because of its top-notch smart sensor, the appliance is capable of adjusting between 3 fan speed settings automatically. It does so by responding to real-time air quality readings.  

With a 12 Hours Timer Function, the air purifier will operate the way you want it to operate. You can decide when the unit will function and when it will shut off. It’s another useful feature that makes this appliance convenient. Doesn’t necessarily excel at anything but it has all the necessary features.

Philips Series 1000ai Connected Air Purifier

Historically, Phillips has always been one of the best brands when it comes to manufacturing great home appliances. Needless to say that we are extremely lucky that Philips is committed to producing terrific air purifiers. Offering all the necessary features, Philips is definitely one of the best UK air purifiers out there. The purification technology of this air purifier is not cutting edge but it’s good enough. It offers a typical 3-stage filtration system which is efficient at reducing odors, allergens,  and bacteria. Its pre-filter does the primary job and then the True HEPA filter removes the particles. Finally, a typical active carbon filter deals with odors.

Now, how convenient is it? You can control the unit from anywhere because of the  Air Matters app. You can turn the purifier on/off, set a schedule and change speed. That’s one option. You can also use Amazon Alexa that allows you to operate the purifier with voice control. 

The purifier also offers versatility by offering 3 automatic purification settings like general mode, extra-sensitive allergen mode, and extra-powerful virus and bacteria mode. But that’s not all. You’ll also have the luxury of choosing one of 4 different speed settings(from sleep mode to turbo speed). 

If you want to talk about Phillips, then you definitely have to talk about its AeraSense technology.  The technology is extremely adept in sensing the slightest change in air conditions. The purifier can adjust the fan speed automatically and it continuously monitors the air quality. So the purifier will do all the job and all you have to do is to relax.

Air purifier buying guide(What to consider before buying)

Buying an air purifier is never easy. Let’s face it- you have so many products in the market and it’s never easy to just pick something randomly. So what should you do? How can you pick the best air purifier? For that matter, what are the factors that you must consider before buying a purifier?

Well, there are some aspects that you may want to consider when you are buying an air purifier. Let’s just talk about them

Proper filtration system

Now, this is obvious. The filter is the heart of a purifier. The filter removes all the dust particles, gasses, allergens, viruses and bacteria. The purifier is useless without a filter. If the filter is not good enough, then there is no point in buying it. The bottom line is that the filter has to be excellent. 

So what is the best filtration system and what kind of filter is ideal for a purifier?

Well here is the thing- there are purifiers that only have one filter to purify the air and there are other products that offer a multiple-stage filtration system. In that case, the purifier has more than one filter to capture dust bacteria or viruses.

But whether you have a single filter or multiple filters, it’s better to buy a purifier that features a HEPA filter because that’s the most powerful and popular filter out there. 


It’s always better to buy something that offers less noise while operating. You don’t want to buy something that produces a lot of noise while you are sleeping. You want an undisturbed sleep and for that buy something that does not make too much noise. A lot of purifiers offer sleep mode. When the sleep mode is activated, the purifier operates at minimum noise. So make sure to buy something that works efficiently and yet produces less noise.


Buy something that does not take too much space. If the purifier takes too much space, then it becomes an issue. Purifiers that have an excellent filtration system may not always be compact. But do your best to buy something compact without compromising the filter quality. That’s the smartest way to go about it.


Well, this goes without saying. We all know that it’s a safer choice to buy a product that is manufactured by a reputed company. Now, good companies do produce good products. But they also tend to be a bit pricey and that is something you must accept. At the end of the day, you want something that is durable and efficient and reputed companies will give you exactly that. The bottom line is that you need to buy a purifier from a well-renowned brand.

 Filter replacement indicator

This is an extremely useful feature. At the same time, it’s not really the most crucial feature that a purifier must have. Basically, the indicator will let you know whether you need to replace the filter or not. Some people don’t actually need this because they know exactly when to replace the filter. They do it regularly and it’s not an issue for them. On the other hand, there are some people who have a hard time at remembering this sort of stuff. For them, this particular feature can be a great help. 

Easy to use control panel

The control panel is obviously important. The panel allows you to access all of its features. Now, different products offer different types of panels. We recommend you to choose the one that suits you.  

Other Features

Proper filtration system, noise, compact, brand,  filter replacement indicator, easy to use control panel- all of these are basic factors you have to consider before buying. But there are other features that make your purifier even more convenient. For example, auto mode, connecting with an app and energy-saving technology. Firstly, Activating the auto mode means your purifier will automatically change its fan speeds. Secondly, some purifiers allow you to connect the device with an app so that you can control it easily from a distance. Finally, energy-saving technology makes sure that the purifier consumes less energy. 

So these are some of the things that you may want to consider before buying an air purifier. Keep in mind that it’s extremely difficult to buy something that has all the features mentioned above. However, do your best to buy something that offers most of these features.

Final Verdict

So this is our review of the best air purifiers in the UK. We did our level best to pick products that were loved by the customers. It wasn’t easy by any means. There were a lot of good products out there and we had to filter out most of them. We also did our best to make sure that the price is reasonable and within your range. It wasn’t easy but we think we did a decent job. 

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