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Best Foot Massager 2022: Improve Circulation; relieve pain and Relax Tired and Achy Legs

Revitive Medic Knee Circulation Booster

Revitive Medic Knee is one of the most recommended circulation boosters you can buy. As a leading manufacturer, this company produces innovative and world-class foot massaging machines. Revitive has a range of foot circulation boosters including knee circulation booster, and each device is designed for specific needs and treatment. This knee unit is developed with a special program and integrated OxyWave mechanism to stimulate thighs, feet and legs muscle.

If you are suffering from OsteoArthritis and knee problems, then this device is suggested for you.  Knee-joint pain may stop you from working you love to do.

Regular uses of Medic Knee will help you to enjoy working, reduce knee pain and relax tired and achy legs.  Revitive Medic Knee can be your ideal device for alleviating swollen feet. Medic Knee comes with a remote control which helps you to set and switch different intensity levels and treatments. 

The New Revitive Medic knee is a safe and drug-free messaging device that is proven by millions of users worldwide. Revitive Medic Knee uses the newest OxyWave technology and proprietary waveform to boost fresh blood circulation to the thighs and foot, reducing soreness and allowing for greater pain relief. It uses EMS modern technologies to help alleviate knee-joint distress, enhance thigh muscles to support the knee, soothe discomfort, and provide you with greater pain relief.

However, if you have an electronic implanted device such as a cardiac pacemaker or an aicd, Revitive is not for you; if you are being treated for, or have signs of, an existing deep venous thrombosis (DVT); or if you are expecting, Revitive is not for you.

User Guide (PDF)
  • Innovative muscle-strengthening knee program administered via extra-large thigh pads. Knee Program & Body Pain Management
  • For pain alleviation in the knees, legs, back, and shoulders, electrode body pads are used.
  • Unique technology allows for more ankle joint mobility, simulating heel-toe lifts when leg muscles contract and release.
  • For ease of use, go cordless.

Revitive Medic Circulation Booster

Revitive Medic’s circulation booster is another unit that is designed to improve blood circulation through lower legs. This Medic provides a drug-free treatment for aches and swollen feet and ankles. With OxyWave Technology Medic helps to walk better.  It also comes with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology for perfect messaging. 

Revitive helps to stimulate muscles in your legs and feet, which may assist to relieve foot and leg discomfort and allow you to continue doing the things you like.

If you have an electronic implanted device such as a cardiac pacemaker or an aicd, Revitive is not for you; if you are being treated for, or have signs of, an existing deep vein thrombosis (DVT); or if you are pregnant, Revitive is not for you.

Increased ankle joint movement mimics heel-toe lifts when leg muscles contract and release, thanks to patented technology. The New Dual Mode Revitive Medic is ideal for patients with weak circulation, as well as those suffering from arthritis and diabetes.

Simply lay your bare feet on the footpads, raise the intensity, and then sit back and relax while. Revitive does its magic. Use for at least 30 minutes every day. Revitive has sold over 2 million units globally. Satisfied customers have chosen revitive for years. 

User Manual (PDF)

The Advanced Isorocker provides for more flexibility in the ankle joint.

Cordless Freedom is provided by the power source.

The customizable timeframe and 1-99 intensity levels allow you total control over your therapy.

Electrode Body Pads can be used to target different parts of the body, including the lower spine, arms, and forearms.

How many times may Revitive be used?

Sample conAs part of your weekly regimen, we recommend utilizing REVITIVE for 30 minutes every day. You can use the REVITIVE up to six times per day, however, experts recommend starting with one session per day that lasts no more than 30 minutes. The REVITIVE is simple to implement into daily life and may be used at any time of day or night.tent

Where should Revitive not be used?

Do not use foot-pads or Thigh (Electrode) Pads on or near hematological malignancies, small cuts or sores, bloated, reddish, infectious, or inflammatory regions or skin eruptions,
on radiotherapy-treated regions (within the past 6 months)

Is Revitive safe for those with hypertension?

Revitive Circulation Booster relieves cramps and is safe for diabetics, arthritis patients, and people with high blood pressure. During use, Revitive Circulation Booster has also been clinically demonstrated to increase circulation.

How beneficial is revitive?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) given via the foot plantar surface utilizing Revitive was shown to be equally as great as spontaneous exercise. Which in return, boosting lower limb blood circulation and cell respiration in a survey of healthy patients.

How long does Revitive take to start working?

For most individuals, it takes a few weeks of daily Revitive use before they see a difference. Some people see a difference in only a few days, while others may take 6-8 weeks, particularly if they have been afflicted for a long time.

Pure Circulation Foot Circulation Machine

Massaging your foot with a Puremate circulation promoter is more comfortable, easy and safe. Like a global brand puremate brings to you a world class foot circulation booster with elegant design and functionality.  

If you are looking to buy an affordable, effective and long-lasting foot circulation promoter, we would recommend Puremate PM605 electromagnetic foot massager. This foot massaging device is assembled with high quality machineries. Compared to other foot massage machine manufacturers in the UK,  The PureMate PM605 foot circulation promoter is cheaper.  

30 minutes of use everyday may help to reduce foot ache and pain as well as keep your feet warm and comfortable. This Puremate foot massager machine has 15 treatment options with 0 to 99 intensity levels. It comes with a remote control so you can set the different treatment options without bowing down your head.    

Four electrode gel pads come with this device as well. These adhesive pads can be used to get relief from discomfort in specific areas like arms, lower back, abdomen, shoulders, thighs and lower legs.

This device is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is set the intensity level and the duration of your therapy session using the remote control and that’s it! Sit back and relax while this device goes to work. 

User Manual (PDF)

RENPHO Foot Massager

Renpho foot massager is designed to deliver maximum comfort and performance. This device is very effective for alleviating foot pain either from plantar fasciitis or injury. Massaging 15 or 30 minutes after a long day of work, you feel relax and get relief from tiredness and sore feet.  Come with a large massage chamber which is fit for the UK men’s feet.

With its deep kneading shiatsu massage and air pressure, you will get an amazing massage experience . The 3 levels of massage intensities which are adjustable according to your need. The heating function will make sure that your feet are warm. Then, it will promote blood pressure circulation and ease the pain in your feet. So it gets rid of the stress and relaxes your feet.

The inner cover is made from breathable fabric which is durable and comfortable. It’s very easy to detach. So if it gets dirty, you can remove it and wash it and re-attach. This great foot massager ensures a hygienic environment for your feet. Sleek design and lightweight for moving around. You can use it at home or at the office.

With a timer function, a touch panel and a remote control you can control the device and enjoy massaging while sitting on the sofa or chair. This can be a great gift for your beloved one who has foot circulation issues. This high quality foot massager will cost you £109.99 with 1 year warranty.

BioEnergiser Circulation Maxx Blood Booster

We have picked BioEnergiser Circulation Maxx Blood Booster in our review list for its outstanding performance. In terms of foot care products,  it’s one of the top selling products in the UK. This circulation Maxx is designed to provide electromagnetic pulse therapy for feet and legs. It’s clinically proven to reduce swelling and achy feet.

Like other circulation boosters,  It has been used in both TENS and EMS technology. With these advanced features, This circulation promoter can produce oxygenerated pulses that improve circulation in lower legs.

Are you suffering with swollen and achy feet? Do you feel difficulties stepping back and feel pain after long standing at work?  We would highly recommend you consider this brilliant device. We’re sure you’ll find the difference after consecutive days of use.

BioEnergiser Maxx Booster is developed in the UK with high quality materials. Integrated 25 treatment modes with 99 intensity levels you need for healthy legs and feet. 

It’s very lightweight and easy to use. A remote control and LED display with a comprehensive user guide gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy the therapy day or night while you read and watch TV. Sit back to your comfortable sofa or chair and place your feet on the device pads and set the intensity level as much as you are comfortable with.  Buying this device you will get 4 TENS device pads which are very useful for targeted therapy in any part of your body.  

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

HoMedics is a leading manufacturer of messaging products including foot massager. It has a range of foot massagers in the global market but this one is the best selling massager in the UK market. They have plenty of experience in developing massaging products.

Unlike other foot massaging machines, HoMedics foot massager is less expensive. It comes with some great features like shiatsu massage with heating function. So it can beat any other foot massagers in the UK with this price range.  

It is designed with advanced 18 massage heads and 6 kneading nodes that soothe muscle and relax your tired feet.  With the touch panel you allow changing nodes for enjoying shiatsu massage at home.

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