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Best Vacuum Cleaners UK

You want to keep your home beautiful, clean and dust-free. It’s a fact. For that, you need a vacuum cleaner. However, there is one tiny problem. What kind of vacuum cleaner should you buy? For that matter, how can you pick the best vacuum cleaner in the UK? There are so many different types of vacuum cleaner that it’s almost impossible to buy an ideal vacuum cleaner that suits your house. Lucky for you, we have come up with a list. Our list of the best vacuum cleaners in the UK will give you what you need.

Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is the first vacuum cleaner of our list and it is indeed one of the best vacuum cleaners in the UK. When it comes to producing a cordless vacuum cleaner, Gtech is indeed one of the best. This particular vacuum cleaner has some of the most useful features that every homeowner needs. If you want a cordless and convenient vacuum cleaner, then it may not be a bad choice. When it comes to convenience, Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner stands out big time.

First of all, it is extremely lightweight. Second of all, it is cordless and battery-powered. So moving it around is not an issue. Backed up by a 22V Lithium-ion battery(which is removable), this vacuum cleaner can run up to 40 minutes. Obviously, you’ll have a 4 stage LED display indicator that will let you know how much charge is left.

So no doubt that it’s pretty easy to use. But what about the other aspects? What about its suction power? Well, it’s definitely not the best but it’s enough. It will do a decent job. Its AirLOC technology picks up large debris. Its rotating brush bar is capable of removing stubborn dirt and you can use this vacuum cleaner on a variety of floor surfaces.

We are not finished. There are other features of this vacuum cleaner that you will like. Its sleek and compact design is extremely useful because it’s easy to store. It takes very little space. So you can put it wherever you want. But there is one small issue. It can be a bit noisy while operating. 

All in all, Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is efficient and convenient at the same time. That’s why it is so popular and that’s why people love it so much. Most of the customers are satisfied with it. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is the only vacuum of our list and it’s one of the best robot vacuums for sure. So we had to put it on our list. If you are a tech-enthusiast and want to have that high-tech and smart vibe in your house, then you can decide to buy robot vacuums. A smart house should have a smart vacuum. In that sense, this vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice. 

But before you decide to buy a robotic vacuum, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Robotic vacuums are small, compact and do their job automatically without human

assistance. But at the same time, these vacuum cleaners are not good at deep cleaning. The suction power is on the lower side and the storage capacity is somewhat limited. 

But the good thing about this robot vacuum is that its suction power is relatively better. Compared to other robot vacuums, this one has a better storage capacity. With 1300Pa of suction power, it does a pretty decent job of cleaning floors and carpets. Its large 0.6L dust box can hold a decent amount of dirt which means you won’t have to empty it frequently. 

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner has a triple-filter system that combines a high-performance filter and a dual-layer filter.

With a single charge, it can run for 100 minutes and when power is low, it automatically returns to its charging base. That’s how convenient this vacuum cleaner is and that’s why it’s so easy to use. Furthermore, it’s extremely quiet while operating and you have to love this aspect.

Overall, we feel that it’s the best robot vacuum cleaner in the UK and we have many reasons to believe so. If you are someone who is too busy and cannot manage the time to clean your house, then this vacuum cleaner will do a decent job.

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are always good at deep cleaning. But this vacuum cleaner from Shark is something else. It’s surely one of the best upright vacuum cleaners in the UK. It’s far superior to your average vacuum cleaner. How? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about and you’ll understand why this vacuum cleaner is so popular.

First of all, most upright vacuum cleaners are powerful and efficient. But this one is even more efficient and yet easy to use. On the front, it has a soft brush roll and at the back, it has a bristle

brush-roll. Combine them together and you’ll have a vacuum cleaner that has the efficiency to suck all kinds of particles(big or small). At the same time, it has the anti-hair wrap technology that removes hair from the brush-roll. 

As we said, it is extremely easy to use. Upright vacuums are usually heavy and when they have small cords, it becomes difficult to use them. This one is no different as it’s a 10-kg vacuum cleaner with a cord. So how is it “easy to use”? Well, firstly, it has an 8- meter cord which is more than enough. Secondly, you can separate the unit to make the vacuum cleaner lightweight. Thanks to its powered lift-away technology, you can lift the main unit away from the wand and boom. You’ll have a vacuum cleaner that is extremely easy to manoeuvre. This is the beauty of Shark vacuum cleaners.

We are not finished. There are so many other features of this product that you will love. This vacuum cleaner also has anti-allergen complete seal technology. With this technology, it captures 99.9% of the allergens and dust inside the vacuum. The unit also comes with LED lights that allow you to see the dark areas.

Lastly, its sturdy construction allows you to use it for a long time. The durability of this product is amazing. Rest assured that it will last for a long time. That’s the reason why it’s one of the best vacuum cleaners in the UK(if not “THE BEST”).

Miele Complete C3 Silence Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Miele is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and it is definitely one of the most popular brands you will come across. So we chose to include a bagged vacuum cleaner from Miele. Normally we don’t recommend people to buy a bagged vacuum cleaner. But this one is special. According to us, this is the best bagged vacuum cleaner you will find in the market.

Let’s get one thing straight. The suction power is fantastic and it will inhale all the dust particles(big or small). Plus, when it operates, it’s relatively quiet. Like all Miele vacuum cleaners, it also lasts long. Its sturdy handle is excellent and efficient. In short, the durability of this product is amazing and it’s one of the strongest aspects of this vacuum cleaner. 

Now let’s talk about its dust bag which is the most important aspect of this vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has a HyClean 3D dust bag. According to us, this is the best dust bag you will find in a vacuum cleaner. 

But what is so special about this bag? 

First of all, this dust bag lasts longer compared to other dust bags. So how does it work? When the air passes through the bag, the bag inflates and its entire volume to store dust. These bags have specially designed air guides that distribute dust evenly throughout the bag. The bag is designed in a way that sharp objects can’t do any harm to it. Furthermore, removing the bag is hygienic and simple. You just have to get rid of the whole thing. No part of the dust will fly back into the air. After removing it, you’ll need to buy another one.

Overall, it’s a vacuum cleaner that will make your life easier. Having said that, it’s one of those vacuum cleaners that need a hose to connect the head and the body. It doesn’t have a powered lift-away technology like Shark and some people don’t like that.

What To know Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner(Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide)

You can’t just randomly pick a product and buy it immediately. Before you decide to buy a product. you need to learn more about it. 

Obviously, the same thing goes for vacuum cleaners. There are so many different types of vacuum cleaners and you need what suits you. To make things easier for you, we have come up with our own vacuum cleaner buying guide.

So here are some of the things you need to know before you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Now, this is basic. There are different types of vacuum cleaners and you’ll need to know all about them. That way you’ll understand which type suits you. So let’s talk about them-

  • Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are probably the most popular vacuum cleaners in the market. They are extremely effective and easy to use. These vacuums stand upright which means these vacuums are really easy to use from a standing position. In most cases, they are easy to move around. Upright vacuums are usually good at deep-cleaning carpets. But the bad news is that it’s tough to clean tight corners with upright vacuums. But then again, you’ll have expandable hose and attachments that will help you out.

  • Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums consist of a head and a body. They are more maneuverable than the upright vacuum. Canister vacuums are good at cleaning bare floors, stairs, and under furniture. Most of these vacuum cleaners are quieter. The head itself is separate and it’s lighter. But the issue here is the body. These vacuum cleaners do take a lot of space. 

  • Stick Vacuums

If you are looking for something extremely light, then stick vacuums will be perfect for you. Most of these vacuum cleaners are battery-powered. They are extremely convenient to use because they are easy to store and easy to move around. On the downside, these vacuum cleaners are only good when you have small areas to clean.

  • Handheld Vacuums

These vacuum cleaners come corded or cordless. Like stick vacuums, these vacuum cleaners are lightweight, easy to store and perfect for small areas. But they may not be as efficient and powerful as the uprights or the canisters.

  • Robotic Vacuums

These are the most convenient vacuum cleaners for sure because you won’t have to do anything for yourself. They will do the job automatically. Using a tracking system, they can find their way around and they can access the hard-to-reach places due to their low height. However, they are not as powerful as upright/canister vacuum cleaners. When it comes to efficiency, upright or canister vacuum cleaners are way better. Furthermore, the storage capacity of the robotic vacuums is also limited. 

Bag or Bagless- Which One Should You Pick?

Well, bagless vacuums are actually popular because they keep things simple. When the bin is full, you just have to empty it. Plus, you won’t have to spend extra cash. So it’s actually good for your wallet. But when you dump the dust, some of that will fly back into the air and you will be exposed to allergens. Bagged vacuums, on the other hand, won’t have that problem. However, you will have to purchase the bag again when it is full. So most people prefer bagless vacuum cleaners. 

Suction Power

Good suction power can clean the floor quickly and that’s why you need a vacuum cleaner that has excellent suction power. Usually, canister and upright vacuum cleaners have good suction power. The number of watts tells you how much power goes into the vacuum. More watts mean more suction power.

Final Verdict

So that’s our complete best vacuum cleaners in UK review. All of our products are popular. None of them is perfect and that’s fine. It’s impossible to find a vacuum cleaner that is good at everything. It does not work that way. But they have all the necessary features. Rest assured that our recommendation is authentic.

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