EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier, 7 L – Blue

EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier, 7 L – Blue

Packed with so many cool features, EcoAir DD122 dehumidifier is surely a top-notch, user-friendly, and safe  dehumidifier in the market.

As it is such a dynamic product with so many features, it can be a bit difficult for us to start randomly. But at first, we will talk about its weight. That will tell us how easy it is to move it from one room to another. The weight of the product is 6 kg which is very light if you compare it to the other dehumidifiers. So it is easy to move the dehumidifier. Furthermore, the product has a collapsible carry handle. So carrying it is not too difficult.

Now let’s talk about power consumption. It has two modes- Economy and Turbo. For energy saving, you should activate the economy mode. If you have a severe damp problem, you can switch to turbo mode. But to be honest, you don’t really have to go for turbo mode all the time. When the damp problem is gone, you can switch to the economy mode.

Condensation and Mould- both of these can be bothersome for you. As we know, heavy condensation increases humidity level and, it can be harmful for your door or window frames. Also when humidity level increases, mould is another problem you have to tackle. Fortunately for you, the EcoAir DD122 will solve all these problems. Most dehumidifiers can do this. But none can do it like EcoAir. It is what makes them unique.

Its “auto restart function” is another useful feature. This humidifier can restart automatically after a power failure. Once it is restored, It will keep operating at the previously selected settings.

The filter of this dehumidifier is easily removable. So you can remove and clean it. Its job is to trap the dust. So It is absolutely necessary for you to clean it. In every two weeks, you can clean this. You can brush it or you can just use a vacuum cleaner.

You should not worry about the noise level of the EcoAir DD122. It’s quiet when it’s operating. The noise level is only 34 decibels.

The EcoAir DD122 dehumidifier  has a water tank that has a capacity of 2 litres. The tank looks like a drawer that is situated at the side of the product.

This Ecoair dehumidifier also has inbuilt laundry function. Usually, it takes 2-4 hours to dry your clothes.

You can always use the Laundry mode with the economy setting or turbo setting(if you want to have an option to speed up the drying process).

Furthermore, it has other that you will find useful. For example, it features anti-tilt protection(a safety feature) and, it has an inbuilt ioniser(helps with pollen and dust).

When a product offers so many features, it is bound to be unique. That is exactly what EcoAir DD122 dehumidifier is. It is unique, dynamic, and above all awesome. Very few people can argue against it.

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