Homgeek Blender Smoothie Machine

Homgeek Blender Smoothie Machine

This homgeek blender smoothie machine has a Strong battery made out of pure copper, and operates with a power of 2000W. It has a speed of up to 30,000 RPM. The machine is equipped with 8 metal blades imported from German, which can easily smash the items, leaving no big chunks behind. 

This machine has the ability to make different organic meal.  Including baby food, food for athletes, food for expecting moms, etc. The solid slip-resistant grip and protection switch. It make it easy for the whole family to use.  The blender will wash itself in a minute, just add a hint of dish soap and a generous amount of warm water. Moreover, the kit Includes sturdy engine foundation, container 2L Tritan, digital cookbook, instruction manual, and handlebar. CE, GS accredited the product line.

German Model Blades and a Solid Battery

Effective ice crushing, melting, pureeing, and controlled processing are all possible with this powerful 2000-watt battery and rugged metal blades. Even the hardest foods are broken down and makes the best smoothies.

There are four pre-programmed settings and eight different speeds to choose from.

Milkshake, Ice Crush, Mashing are among the preprogrammed settings for added stability and precision. It’s easy to change the pace to provide a range of textures. During the mix, the lever can be turned, at all time

Blending Pitcher with 2 Litre Capacity

It has a big jug which can hold about 2 litre or 70 oz for mixing large amounts of substance, making it simple to prepare large batches of food. A tamper is used to aid in the mixing of thick ingredients

Long lasting, BPA-free, and simple to clean

The Tritan jug is designed to last a long time. Both of the food-contact areas are free of BPA and dishwasher-friendly. Simply combine warm water and a tiny amount of dish washing soap in your machine’s maximum speed and wait less than a minute for it to self-clean.

‘Unique Self-Protection System

It is a term used to describe a system that protects you from damage. CE, GS, and ETL certifications have been obtained for the homgeeK 2000w high-speed mixer blender. This blender has overload and overheat precautions to shield the motor from injury in the case of a malfunction or overheat, as well as an anti-slip foot feature to help the blender run relatively securely. This is also why this blender has a longer service life than others.

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