NETTA 12L Dehumidifier

NETTA 12L Dehumidifier

Like any other good dehumidifier,  NETTA 12L  dehumidifier is also capable of solving damp issues. So if you are having problems with damp, mould and moisture in your home, the NETTA 12L  dehumidifier can be a good option when it comes to solving these troublesome issues.

Firstly, let’s talk about the dimensions. The height of the product is 56cm, the width is 34 cm and the depth is 23cm. The total weight of the product is 11 kg. But it’s easy to move around as it has rotating rolling casters.

Now let’s talk about some of its features. In a day, it is capable of extracting 12 litres of moisture which is perfect for 20m² rooms.  You don’t have to worry about the Drainage system. It has a water tank that can hold up to 1.5 litres of water and, it will Shut off automatically when it reaches maximum capacity. You will also get a Continuous Drainage Hose. It’s perfect for long term use.

Also, if you want to dry your clothes, you can use its laundry mode. Drying your clothes will be easy. Furthermore, the digital control display will make sure that you can operate it easily. You can adjust your desired moisture extraction and, it will do whatever you want.

In the end, the most significant aspect is that it lasts for a long time and that’s the most important thing for any consumer. You do not want a product that works well for a couple of days and all of a sudden, it stops working for some reason.  So when you decide to buy a dehumidifier, keep this in your choice list.

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