Pro Breeze 4.2l Air Fryer

Pro Breeze 4.2l Air Fryer

As opposed to traditional techniques, the Pro Breeze 4.2 l Air Fryer utilizes modern technology to cook a wide range of foods in a fraction of the time. Meals prepared in the 4.2 air fryer would have the same nutritional profile as those prepared normally because no oil or fat is needed here.

With the easy-to-use digital monitor, you can choose from one of seven pre-set cooking modes, individual temperature monitoring, and intuitive cooking timers. A big, totally detachable family-size fry basket makes cleanup a breeze and is dishwasher resistant. Advanced Super-Hot Cyclone Technology is used to prepare low-fat, nutritious versions of your favorite foods with little to no oil. The air fryer is protected from overheating by an automated safety mechanism that automatically restarts until the temperature has stabilized.

The 4.2 performs admirably, reaching temperatures of between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius. This air fryer is 332x343x292cm in size, making it a perfect option for kitchen worktops with minimal room. With a weight of just 4.7kg, it’s also a lot lighter than most of the air fryers in the market. 

Compare with Others

Pro Breeze 7.5L Air Fryer

Pro Breeze’s next-generation Air Fryer comes with a 7.5L family-sized fry basket and an automatic food stirring paddle. The 4.2L Air Fryer has the same sophisticated hot air mechanism as the Pro Breeze 7.5L Air Fryer. The cyclonic mechanism is driven by a more powerful 1800W motor, which is the only difference between them. Both versions are somewhat similar; but, if you are cooking for four or more people, the Pro Breeze 7.5L is the better option. If you have a small family of 1-3 people, the 4.2L should be sufficient.

Pro Breeze 2L Air Fryer

The Pro Breeze 2L 1000W Digital Air Fryer is a smaller variant of the Pro Breeze 4.2L Air Fryer with a smaller fry basket. The 1000W motor in the 2L air fryer is less powerful than the 4.2L air fryer. Besides that, there are no differences between this and the other Pro Breeze air fryers. It is ideal for one user and is very cost-effective.

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