PureMate 12L Portable & Compact Dehumidifier

PureMate 12L Portable & Compact Dehumidifier

The PureMate PM412 dehumidifier is designed in such a way that it makes the environment of your home healthier and more comfortable. It is perfect for houses that have 2-3 bedrooms.

First of all, a dehumidifier has got to be good at its job which is removing excessive moisture and humidity.  Make no mistake that the humidifier is really good at removing the excessive moisture and, humidity. As a result, you won’t be affected by dust mites and mould. Every day it extracts 12 litres of moisture.

The weight of this Puremate dehumidifier 11kg. It may not be the lightest product out there but, it’s relatively light. Moreover, because of the durable castor wheels, it’s easy to take the dehumidifier from one room to another. You can even remove the wheels if that’s what you want.

Operating the product is not too difficult. The LED display allows you to operate the machine smoothly.

Furthermore, the drainage solution of PureMate PM412  is good and unique. It has a big water tank that can hold up to 1.5 litres of water. If you don’t want to use that, there will be another option. You can just use the drainage hose that comes with the product. If you want a permanent drainage solution, this is it. It is the perfect dehumidifier when it comes to drainage solution. Note that the length of the drain pipe is 60 cm.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the safety feature. It’s always better to embed a safety feature in a product. This dehumidifier has exactly that. It has Automatic shut off safety feature. It is more than useful because it prevents overheating of the compressor which can be dangerous. 

This dehumidifier has laundry mode. It is another handy feature as you can use it to dry clothes at home. It’s just another reason why this dehumidifier is so dynamic and user-friendly.

This Puremate dehumidifier will keep the humidity down which saves your heating bill. As we know, damp air will cost more to heat up compared to dry air. So it is a type of product that saves your precious money.

For a compressor dehumidifier, its volume(while operating) is good. The noise volume of the dehumidifier is 43 decibels which is not bad at all.

Finally, its defrosting Function, 24-hour timer function, optional ioniser make it as dynamic as ever.

With all said and done, no one can deny the importance of a dehumidifier. It is necessary to keep something like this in your home. But it has to be reliable. The PureMate PM412 is a product that you can rely on. As it has so many features, it is ridiculously easy to operate. But most importantly, the price of the product is reasonable.

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