Puremate Foot Massager

Puremate Foot Massager

As these days, we have to sit long hours in front of our computer devices to do work from home. Our legs become stiff and we suffer from low blood circulation. I bet this brand new product will help to relief all the pain and tiredness after a long day of work. Even you do not need to visit a salon for massage. Surprising? Not at all!

Puremate Foot Massagers


PM605 Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager & Body Therapy Machine
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PM605 Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager & Body Therapy Machine is an absolute treasure at these times of global pandemic. Puremate foot circulation promoter is very lightweight and easily accessed device. It has been the best foot massaging machine in the UK reviewed by many.

The Puremate Foot circulation machine brings you handful of features. It massages your feet without creating any unnecessary sounds. It is remarkable how the pm605 has 15 individual modes and varies up to levels of 99 intensity to massage your feet to give perfect relaxation in 30 minutes.


PureMate PM620 Foot Circulation Stimulator Machine with Heating
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This product has very unique design with large display and lightweight. It also works on EMS and TENS technology, with 50 modes and 99 intensity levels. This unit of puremate heats up as well. Some people like this heating up method but others feel it’s not necessary. It has timer of 60 minutes. It works with a remote control.


PureMate PM680 Vibration Foot Massager with Magnetic Wave Apparatus and Infrared Heat
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This unit works in 3D technology in vibrating motion with infrared heat. The heating function is controllable unlike PM620. It is also similar to the other device like PM605 and PM620. It provides 15 levels of intensity to ease pain. This device works with remote and has an innovative touch with 3D nodules on the surface of the unit. Any user can take help of this unit to heal bone area; it relaxes tight knots around the heel area too.

The unit works electrically with EMS therapy. The EMS therapy sends electric signal to your foot. It stimulates the muscles of the feet through low-frequency electrical pulse technology. This unit promotes blood circulation. As a result it helps people to relax after an exhausting day.

What are the benefits of using Puremate Circulation booster?

People of all age with any kinds of foot and leg sensation, aching, cramps, swelling or pain can be treated with this helpful product. Foot pains can lead to numbness of leg and other big health issues. Doctors suggest patients with foot pains to visit therapy or physiologist. This machine is perfect for those.

  • Stimulation of your foot muscles and relaxes any stiff vein
  • Foot numbness is massaged
  • Good foot massage helps to have quality sleep time
  • Helps to increase metabolism

Why choose Puremate Foot Circulation promoter?

Customers like to buy product which are effective with sleek advanced design and at affordable price. Puremate brings out very effective products to its customer. The unit is very long lasting. Puremate has been reviewed by many.

Talking about the design, I have to mention how it is heavily qualified and significantly outlined with the modern sleek touch. It is lightweight too, that adds more plus points to this amazing unit. That makes it easier to move around with the device around the house. Also this machine is not very bulky and big hence that helps the customers to keep it anywhere. It is also designed with delicate lights in the machine which makes it look highly attractive.
Easy operation:
Puremate pm605 foot circulation massager comes with a remote controller with precise instructions on it. The Brand new Puremate PM605 lights up to show its working. The lights make people very curious to use the machine. Therefore it becomes easier for elderly people to access them. It has a big LCD screen on the top of the device to show the parameter. The EMS machine serves for 30 minutes.
This unit is easily uses which advantages people to access them. While watching TV or reading a book, put your foot on the puremate pm605 foot circulation massager for 30 minutes, your leg will be painless and ready for a quick walk. The big advantage is the product doesn’t get heated up, no matter how long you use it.
Fair pricing:
Like other foot massagers, found in various online stores charge a lot of bucks. But Puremate brings the best facilities to its customers in the best price. People all over UK are fond of Puremate’s inventions. And the good will of the company is all over the country. Charging just £119.99 with all the features and its advanced technology is pretty fair.
Excellent customer support:
Puremate has the best communication and understanding capability with their customers. No matter if how little the complaint is, Puremate’s customer service takes full in charge of it. If the customers aren’t satisfied, the customer support communicates them and at the end makes sure the customer is happy with the service.
Easy return and refund:
Coming to the point when the customers aren’t satisfied with the product, the company is open to easy return and quick refund. As for puremate, customers’ satisfaction is the biggest aim. Therefore if the customer didn’t like the unit, they are free to return. The customer care also makes sure that the customer’s money is refunded as soon as possible by the company.
Experience of the company:
Puremate as a company has a huge good will in the UK. The company is under business for a long period of time. Hence it knows exactly what its customers are looking for. Every year it’s coming out with various kinds of products to makes their customer happy. Puremate has heavy purchases very year. Because of its good service and excellent customer base puremate is still doing excellent.
Some popular queries some customers had:

What is EMS and how does it really work?

EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulator. The EMS therapy sends electric signal to your foot. It stimulates the muscles of the feet through low-frequency electrical pulse technology. As a result it improves the blood circulation and increases physical muscle exercise on the foot.

Why are my legs sore after treatment?

It’s because the intensity was put on high range which would create fast pressure on the foot and made your foot sore. First try using it on the low intensity. Then according to your comfort change the intensity.

I have lost my instruction book – is there anywhere I can download another copy?

Visit www.puremate.co.uk for live customer care or call their hotline, given on the website.

l use it every day, for how long should I use it?

If your legs have extreme stiffness or pain then 2 sessions every day each for 30 minutes would be perfect. But one session for 30 minute is enough for relaxation.

The machine does not beep or make any sound. Is the machine okay?

The machine is perfectly fine. The beeping sound has been removed from the updated products of puremate. As customers find it disturbing the company removed the sound feature.

The lights are turned on but I don’t know how to put my feet

First plug in machine and switch on. The center of the machine should light up red. Put bare feet on the dotted foot prints. Turn on the power button then a screen will show up. Using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons set the intensity .The time is usually set at 30mins but adjust the time according to your comfort. Use the remote to make any changes.

What is the use of the sticky pads that comes with it?

The pads are used so the foot sticks with the machine surface well. It helps to pass frequencies to the nerves of the body. Hence the pads are really important for this unit to work.

Does the product work on charge and how long does it stay?

No charging is not required for the machine. No charger is provided with the box. It required to be plugged in. The cable of the adapter and plug is 1.5 m long.

Does the company offer a money back guarantee on this product?

Yes absolutely. The company offers 30-days money back guarantee.

Do these use much electricity?

The unit uses up 6.3 watt. It is the 10% of the usage that a regular 60 watt light bulb takes up.

How much does the product weigh?

It is equivalent to a bag of sugar. It’s as less as it is. Thus the product is very handy.

I have high blood pressure, can I use it?

With any health issues other than pacemaker patients can use this unit but before usages consult with your personal doctor.

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