PureMate XL 5.5L Air Fryer

PureMate XL 5.5L Air Fryer

Puremate digital air fryer is the new face of innovation for air fryer products. No extra added oil helps you get a healthy and fast meal to taste. The appearance of the Puremate air fryer is quite attractive and comes in the color white.

The PureMate air fryer uses 2 in 1 technology to cook all of your favorite fried foods easily and lightly, using hot air in conjunction with heated air. Because of the variable temperature up to 200°C and the 60-minute timer, the air fryer automatically shuts off when the cooking is successfully finished. The 5.5-liter capacity is a plus point for family meals. Moreover, the energy-saving capacity is worth the money spent, along with the complete dishwashing safety.

It makes use of fantastic technology for cooking fast, light, and nutritious meals. The cooking process is quick and effortless. Compared to others it also allows you to not only air fry but also grilling your food, and also has a baking feature. This air fryer makes it easy to prepare healthy versions of your favorite food.

Compared to Others

PureMate 4.2L Air Fryer

You can cook your family’s favorite foods with little to no oil using this big 4.2L air fryer. Rapid air technology eliminates the need for oil in the preparation of fried foods. PureMate 5.5L Air Fryer has a better capacity than Puremate 4.2L. It comes in the color white. Puremate 4.2L air fryer makes use of a power of 1700W which is higher than the Puremate 5.5L air fryer. It also is very lightweight compared to the 5.5L one. Other features of this gadget are very similar to the 5.5L ones.

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